Up Your New Character Part 2 Part3


Welcome to some tips and tricks on soloing your new character!
by Miogathar

Many people on EverQuest believe that you have to group or be power leveled to gain levels for a new character.
This is not entirely correct.  Also it is not correct that there are classes that can not solo.

There are places you can go on EverQuest that will allow you to quickly go up levels very quickly.
The problem is to know where these areas are located.

In these articles I will show you how to go about it successfully.

Your New Character:  Character Creation and Levels 1 thru 5.
Part 2:  Levels 5 thru 10.  Field of Bone, If you have a PLer you can go right to Kurn's Tower
Part 3:  Levels 10 thru 20.  Kurn's Tower

Last Updated:  08/08/2004