Instructions on how to subscribe to our news list.

Send an e-mail to 
Note:  you must use plain text messaging for this to work.
In general all e-mail clients have the ability to send e-mail in plain text format rather then in HTML or RTF.

Leave to subject line blank.

In the body of your e-mail message add the following line:

subscribe news

You will then receive several messages.  One of them will contain a authorization code to confirm your subscription.
Copy the auth line to paste into the following:

Again send a e-mail to

Again do not put anything in the subject line.

Paste the auth line into the body of your e-mail message, make sure you are using plain text format.

You will then get a e-mail message back welcoming you to the news mail list.

To post to this mail list simply send an e-mail to

You can then send you posting message in RTF (rich text format) or HTML (hyper text markup language) which is the web standard.

If you have any questions or problems, be sure to contact me!