Updates to Web Site


Updates to the Web Site

11/5/04 - Members Listing Database Updated

9/24/04 Began adding database scripts for guild member listings

5/17/04 - Updated Members List to End of April 2004

4/15/04 - Updated Member List to End of March 2004

3/5/04 - Updated Members lists to end of February 2004

3/1/04 - Fixed access problem to members area

2/26/04 - Added information to Tips and Tricks Area

2/24/04 - Moved Website to new server

2/17/04 - Started working on Tips and Tricks area

2/10/04 - Updated Membership Stats and Lists

12/17/03 - Added Message Board System

12/2/03 - Updated Membership Listings

11/14/03 - Added Guild Members Listings Area.  This will be updated periodically
                   The listings are generated from a Access database.  If you use Access and would like a copy of the database,
                   please  let me know and I will e-mail it to you as an attachment.  (Guild Members Only)

11/3/03 - Phistofett has begun to send logs for posting to the web site.